In 200 Words.

February 13, 2011

Living on a few dollars a day, under a military regime, can be pretty challenging; few luxuries, few opportunities.

Yet the motto could be; “Life is difficult, let’s try to be happy” and the welcome you receive will be as warm as anywhere, maybe more so because Myanmar gets so few visitors and needs friends.

See the sights and get off the beaten track to find people, influences, landscapes and settlements of great variety; the Bamar, the Rakhaine, and the Shan; Britain, India, Thailand and China; golden pagoda, silver beaches, mile-wide rivers, deep jungle and high mountains; two stunning big cities, tiny villages, hill stations, railway towns, fishing ports and just a few holiday resorts.

Public transport can be basic. Waiting for it is a national pastime. But you can travel widely, quite easily and relatively freely, as a companion traveller moving amongst the Burmese.

Some of your tourist dollar will inevitably go to the government. So spend your time and money in locally owned hotels, teashops and restaurants. Make a small effort to pick up a bit of the language and you’ll have a trip to remember for ever, as one of your best ever.

The food’s great too.


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