(Nottingham’s) beauty is in the eye of the beholder

June 3, 2009

Our friend at Nottingham is Crap – http://nottgirl.wordpress.com – is highlighting a blog comment from someone who did not much like the place. In the interest of balance, here’s a piece of feedback that came in to the council following the bank holiday weekend.

2009-05-19 20.49.55

“A couple of friends and I decided (on a whim) to travel to Nottingham for a ‘day out’ last Saturday, not knowing anything about the City Pulse events that were due to be taking place. However, on discovering the various events (in Parliament Square and elsewhere), we were absolutely delighted that we had made the decision to come to your city, as these events were both highly enjoyable and of a high calibre. (Indeed, one of my friends returned on the Sunday.) Similarly, the range of pubs that we visited were also friendly, welcoming and generally of a high standard. Beyond these points, though, the whole city seemed to be a happy and welcoming place (I haven’t been during the daytime for quite a while but have been to quite a few evening concerts / gigs). Indeed, the most noticeable thing about the city centre, that only really struck me a day later after I had returned home, was the total absence of any drunken, ‘dick-head’ behaviour amongst ANY of the throngs of different age groups there, throughout the whole of the city centre, (along with the general friendliness of the people). The events and the demeanour of the people were therefore of great credit to the city. I hope to be back soon!”

Each to their own.


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