A week in the blogs

May 17, 2009

Read any good Nottingham blogging recently? I’m interested in seeing more. I’m reading allanadale’s Nottingham Graffiti which this week pointed out that, however well he might think the council does some things, he thinks the council does a good job of putting on events. You can find details of all this summer’s events – City Pulse next weekend, Madness at Splendour on 19th July, the beach in OMS, Riverside Festival, Pride, Mela, Carnival +++ – wrapped around your Topper this week or in What’sOn coming out with the Arrow in the second week of June. Oh and on the website I”ll wager.


As I read these Nottingham blogs I wonder about anonymity. Gareth Gee is clear about who he is on the council-website-spoofing Our Nottingham. But who is NottGirl even if she doesn’t really think Nottingham is crap? And what’s her relationship with questionmarc? Who’s behind the Bent Society? Who am I? (I know who Niles is).

And who’s reading? I’d love to know.


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